Published on December 14, 2017

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation aimed at strengthening and unifying data protection for all European citizens. The GPDR applies to every company, whether in the EU or outside, that processes data of EU citizens, thus impacting companies worldwide, even if they don’t operate directly in the European Union.

Getting ready for GDPR is essential to avoid the hefty fines imposed by the EU in case of data breach, it’s also a good occasion to review the security posture of an organization and to scout for valid cyber insurance packages that include, beside the traditional incident response and reputation damages, also any damages derived from loss of personal data which are typically excluded in the most common packages.
What are the key points of GDPR and how to be ready? In order to understand the best way to mix processes and technology we prepared a quick infrographic.

Download Infographic (PDF)

It’s essential to identify the correct process, where data is located, how it is accessed and who’s responsible. In terms of technology it’s important to raise the security posture in order to avoid fines, but also to be able to respond and identify security incidents as they happen in order minimize, or remove altogether, the expenses linked to the communication of breach and the entities involved.
Our ReaQta-Hive platform guarantees protection against data-tampering and alteration after a ransomware hits the infrastructure, it identifies cyber threats immediately and as they develop in the infrastructure, blocking them or tracking the attacker and the resources that are accessed in the process. Post-breach forensic expenses are reduced to zero, as all the required data is already collected and safely stored, providing a real-time assessment in a worst-case scenario.
Get in touch with us to understand how to become compliant to the GDPR and to identify the correct cyber insurance that works for your organization.