Published on June 08, 2020

Meet HIVE GUARD: The Anti-Malware Module

We are excited to introduce Hive Guard, the latest addition to ReaQta-Hive, our AI Endpoint Security Platform (EDR)!

Hive Guard now extends the existing protection coverage even further, by including pre-execution dynamic emulation, behavioral heuristics and signature-based prevention coupled with a new A.I. based analysis module.

We know you might have questions, so let’s begin:

Do organisations still need Anti-Malware if they already have an EDR?

Anti-Malware is one of the cybersecurity building blocks. It helps protect endpoints (workstations, laptops, servers etc.) against known malware, RATs, Trojan horses and other unwanted cyber threats that can put your data and infrastructure in great danger. 

Malware always performs malicious acts, such as deleting files, stealing personal data and using computers to further an attack. Aside from keeping the infrastructure clean from known threats, anti-malware solutions serve as protection to prevent re-entry in the system. 

The pre-execution analysis engine will ensure that malware is identified and removed before it is executed. Such a technology naturally complements the sophisticated behavioral engines currently used in ReaQta-Hive to discover new and previously unknown threats. 

What is the difference between Anti-Malware and EDR?

Anti-malwareEndpoint Detection & Response
Detects and blocks all known threats before they are executedComplete visibility to detect, analyze and respond to unknown threats 

Given the necessity of Anti-Malware, here are some of the key reasons why organizations are choosing the Hive Guard Anti-Malware module. 

1. Manage All Your Endpoint Solutions in a Single Console

We continuously work towards making cybersecurity simple. With this newly integrated module, organisations no longer need to manage their Anti-Malware and EDR on separate platforms. 

Security teams can now streamline and manage all their endpoint security on a single and integrated ReaQta-Hive dashboard.

2. Rapid and Hassle-free Deployment

We have good news for all existing ReaQta-Hive customers: Hive Guard can be switched on as a module directly within your dashboard to enable complete Anti-Malware protection. Your endpoints will be automatically protected within 30 minutes. We designed this process to be extremely seamless and time-efficient for IT teams.

3. Complete End-to-End Endpoint Protection

Hive Guard completes the all-in-one solution to protect against all known and unknown threats. We cannot stress this point enough. 

Unlike other EDR solutions, which attest to some form of signature-based integration, the Hive Guard truly provides the basic building block necessary to complete the entire Endpoint Protection stack for organisations. 

For more information on how to turn on the Hive Guard module in your ReaQta-Hive dashboard, please contact

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