Published on June 08, 2020

ReaQta Launches ReaQta-EON and Hive-Guard

ReaQta, the company behind the world’s first and only NanoOS technology, has today announced two new solutions to simplify the fight against modern-day threats.

These solutions leverage proven signature and pre-execution techniques to better defend against known threats in real-time. This includes malware quarantine, pre-execution protection and signature & heuristic matching.

REAQTA-EON: Cloud-Delivered NGAV+

In today’s cyberthreat landscape, organizations without next-generation prevention and attack visibility capabilities are putting themselves at serious risk. Over the past months, organizations that only have legacy AV solutions have been suffering from severe business disruptions and financial losses.  

ReaQta-EON has been designed from the ground-up to replace legacy AV. As an NGAV+, ReaQta-EON has been built with the latest breakthrough technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the install-and-forget, essential and real-time security that every organization needs to fight modern-day threats. 

As a cloud-delivered NGAV+, any organization can effortlessly strengthen their operational resilience and defense from unwanted cyber-disruptions without additional infrastructure or maintenance. 

Read more about ReaQta-EON here

HIVE GUARD: Anti-Malware Module for ReaQta-Hive

The Hive Guard Anti-Malware module is the latest addition to ReaQta’s flagship product, ReaQta-Hive. With the introduction of this integrated module, organisations can easily swap out their existing legacy AV, to get an All-in-One Endpoint Protection in their existing ReaQta-Hive’s Platform.

Hive Guard seamlessly integrates foundational prevention capabilities into the ReaQta-Hive platform by leveraging on machine learning, signature-based and pre-execution scanning technologies. This module provides organizations with the complete protection against all known malware, adware and suspicious files.

There is no need for a typical difficult and lengthy anti-malware deployment. After purchase, the Hive Guard simply needs to be turned on by a switch that can be found within the customer’s existing dashboard. Within ~10 minutes, an organization’s endpoints can enable complete Anti-Malware protection.

Read more about Hive Guard here.

About ReaQta

ReaQta was founded by an elite team of offensive and defensive cybersecurity experts and AI/ML researchers. Combining these backgrounds, the team has built a powerful AI Endpoint Security Platform. This innovative approach applies the latest AI algorithms to automate and simplify the process of detecting and handling new threats. Organisations can now eliminate the most advanced threats in the fastest way possible with a beautiful, powerful and easy-to-use platform. Without the need for additional highly skilled personnel, security teams can now do more, with less.

We recently outperformed at the latest MITRE ATT&CK Endpoint Product Evaluation. For a detailed breakdown on our performance, read the evaluation blog here.

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