Published on November 10, 2020

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Opting for MDR services goes a long way in protecting an organization, especially on a round-the-clock basis. Staying protected against cyber attacks, even in the dead of night, helps to detect and manage possible attackers very early in the process, reducing mitigation costs, containing any interruption to business continuity and preventing data from being exfiltrated.

The current threat landscape has shown that attackers are increasingly capable of automating their processes, escalating from an initial access to complete compromise often in a matter of a few hours. A lot has changed in the past years and today, such that detection of an attack alone is not enough anymore. Attackers have to be tracked, and properly removed, faster than their tools can operate. That’s why at ReaQta, we adopt an algorithmically driven approach capable of providing early detection, tracking and containment, while our team of experts focuses on activating the correct response plan to bring the situation back to normal in the shortest time possible.

To find out more about whether MDR services are suited for your company, read on.


With the emergence of increasingly disruptive cyber threats, organizations that are not properly equipped with robust next-gen cybersecurity software will face costs that extend beyond hefty financial losses. Reputational damages, costly business disruptions and loss of intellectual property also lie in the aftermath.

In a prolific ransomware attack that occurred earlier this year, a subsidiary of a renown engineering company suffered data exfiltration and a loss of approximately 1.5TB of sensitive data, which took months to uncover, causing irreversible damage. 

Security gaps will only continue to grow in the “new normal” with the shift to remote work. As an organization upscales, the stakes are also raised. The need to ensure data safety is as pressing as ever.


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) in cybersecurity refers to a managed security service that is outsourced to and managed by a team of experts who are trained in remediating high-profile attacks. MDR teams provide services like continuous threat monitoring, incident remediation and mitigation of cyber threats at endpoints (like mobile devices, workstations and androids etc). Outsourcing such services is particularly feasible for organizations who do not have the resources or expertise of a dedicated, round-the-clock SOC team, in particular helping those with lean security teams.

ReaQta’s MDR service is delivered by ReaQta own team of experts who are trained and certified in round-the-clock 24/7 endpoint threat monitoring and real-time incident remediation. Working as an extension to organizations security teams, MDR services help to provide real-time response with threat removal and both management and technical level reports within hours of an attack. These services help clients to assess an organization’s vulnerabilities and the reasons behind a potential breach so that security leads can strengthen their cybersecurity posture.


In general, organizations that are strapped for in-house detection and response capabilities prefer to engage MDR providers to support their existing use of EDR. MDR also provides support for enterprises that are in the process of already building their own internal SOC teams and require support to plug gaps within their existing capabilities, such as the need for proactive threat hunting. 


  1. Skilled experts with a background in intelligence
    • ReaQta was founded when machine learning experts and cyber-specialists joined hands in 2014, and has the combined expertise of both cyber defenders and cyber attackers, as its founders are trained in governmental intelligence. Staying ahead of attackers begins with an acute understanding how they operate, and ReaQta’s founders, who have been trained in malware research for over 20 years, know exactly how to do that.
  1. Endpoint Security Solution – ReaQta-Hive offers advanced attack resilience capabilities
    • ReaQta’s MDR team offers hypervisor layer detection that can remain invisible to attackers and cannot be shut down. It leverages a proprietary NanoOS technology to detect malicious behaviours like keylogging, dynamic impersonation, credential harvesting, kernel exploits and screen captures. It is the first and only, industry-wide. ReaQta’s managed EDR solution ensures that there is continuous visibility over your organization no matter the hour, and prevents data from being stolen or corrupted. ReaQta’s MDR knows how to best work ReaQta-Hive so that you are always in safe hands.
  1. Strict adherence to an SLA
    • 24 x 7 x 365 round-the-clock continuous monitoring is handled by ReaQta 
  1. Real-time Remediation
    • ReaQta remediates endpoints efficiently while activating response plans and creating necessary blocking policies to stop malware. Over 99.5% of attacks are seen in real-time with ReaQta’s capabilities, ensuring that interruption time remains very short or close to nothing.
  1. Threat hunting
    • ReaQta’s MDR services conduct continuous proactive hunting for threats and signs of malicious activity via internal threat intelligence and detection of new, unusual behavioural searches. So that you always remain ahead of the curve.
  1. Comprehensive reporting
    • Within hours, information about a potential breach is collated and reported both at technical and management levels.

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