Published on November 04, 2021

IBM to Acquire ReaQta

An event of this magnitude requires more than my usual few lines on LinkedIn: we have entered into an agreement to be acquired by IBM.

For the past 7 years, we’ve worked hard to create an environment that fosters innovation and promotes new ideas, we’ve challenged the “usual way of doing things” and arrived at new concepts, ideas, workflows and technologies. Most of what we ended up creating emerged from our own constraints and desire to build a process that was efficient and more machine-driven, we never liked the idea of solving problems by hiding them behind the now proverbial RFoP (Room Full of People), we felt like it was cheating and wanted to make sure that all the tedious or time-sensitive tasks were taken over – to the maximum extent possible – by algorithms. For us, A.I. and Machine Learning were never buzzwords but a means to an end.

The result was a solution, ReaQta-Hive, that I personally loved from day one, as it embodied our core values: simplicity and automation. Building an “easy-to-use” business solution is definitely a difficult task. Finding the balance between how much data to show and how much you choose not to, in order to avoid information overload, is incredibly difficult. How do you select what’s important? How do you decide what isn’t? We’re dealing with sophisticated threats, where nothing is certain and everything is new, so drawing the line is often difficult. Our secret weapon has always been a team of incredibly gifted talent that we have carefully selected – and many times they have chosen us! – over the years. We’ve always made sure to keep the conversation going between all departments, and these exchanges have worked very well to plant the seeds for brilliant new ideas.

All those efforts eventually paid off, Gartner named us Cool Vendors in October 2020, we successfully managed several MITRE rounds, and our customer base continued to grow at a steady pace. Shortly thereafter, when the conversation with IBM began, the security team shared their ideas and strategy with us and everything aligned perfectly. Discussion after discussion it became clear that the direction we had taken, and the direction IBM had chosen, were really the same (net of a difference in scale factor, of course ;). And here we are today.

I’m excited about what’s coming next and also incredibly proud. The idea of participating in the creation of QRadar XDR, on such a large scale, is incredibly rewarding and is also a strong validation of the technology we have developed. I’m proud, because this is the result of a fantastic team that managed to remain cohesive, reliable, inventive and vibrant, even as the world was changing and we moved from bustling offices to the tranquility of our living rooms.

In IBM we will join forces with top talent from around the world, a unique opportunity for our team to be exposed to the best and most creative minds and continue to innovate faster than we ever thought possible. This is the beginning of an exciting new journey to change the way we think about cybersecurity, and I’m excited about what lies ahead!

Cover image shamelessly stolen from Christopher Meenan’s LinkedIn post.

Alberto Pelliccione