Data is an organization’s most precious asset and it must be protected at all costs. Malwares are the tools most commonly used to for data exfiltration, but a relatively new type of threat, not particularly sophisticated but incredibly dangerous, is today leveraging on its stealthiness to corrupt and destroy data: ransomware. Due to their simplicity ransomware can be rewritten very quickly and can stay undetected for a very long time, thus they represent a serious threat to every organization. Once a computer is infected the whole harddrive, network folders, backup disks and every storage attached is encrypted and a ransom is requested to decrypt the data. Paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee data recovery and there’s also no guarantee that the ransomware will not strike again after the ransom has been paid.

Protection from Ransomware and malware-driven data exfiltration

ReaQta-core’s data protection layer offers an incredibly effective way of protecting your data from tampering and theft. The system is easily configurable and a 2-clicks operation allows you to secure your most valuable resource in less than 20 seconds. It doesn’t matter whether the attack is coming from a malware attempting to steal the data or from a ransomware attempting to corrupt it, the protection is always on and your data is kept safe. The protection layer works even on compromised systems, it is thus possible to install ReaQta-core on a supposedly infected machine to protect it from further data corruption or exfiltration.