Why Do Organizations Choose ReaQta-EON?

Unparalleled Protection Technology

ReaQta-EON combines both traditional and modern defense techniques with the latest AI/ML strategies to stop attackers in real-time. This system protects you from both known and unknown threats, thus reducing the need for expensive response and recovery costs and efforts.

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Fast & Easy Management

With ReaQta-EON’s autonomous protective agent and optimised UI/UX, analysts require minimal management and can respond easily to threats. Accessible via any web browser from any location at any given time, the cloud dashboard can be easily managed on-the-fly.

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Cloud-Delivered Protection

EON agents are cloud-delivered and fully operational within seconds. As a user, this means rapid deployment with major cost-savings. Teams are saved from significant infrastructural and maintenance costs, as ReaQta provisions and manages the server and Hive Brain software on behalf of the user.

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Security that Scales

With ReaQta, your protection scales with your business. As security needs grow, you will be able to seamlessly layer-on advance capabilities and analysis such as Threat Hunting, Threat Cloud, Artifact Analysis, Clean-up Automation, Detection Strategies and API Access. Companies looking for continuous monitoring can choose to opt for 24/7 Managed Services by ReaQta’s security team with ReaQta-MDR.