Hong Kong: ReaQta Executive Luncheon 2021

HONG KONG, 28 Oct 2021 – ReaQta Hong Kong today held an executive luncheon together with Tenable, hosted by valued partner Data World, around the theme ‘Threat-informed Defence: Detect & Respond To Attacks In Real-Time’.

With the surge in cyber crime, it is critical that detecting & responding to cyber threats are done in real-time. ReaQta’s CEO, Alberto Pelliccione, spoke on ‘From outsider to insider: where greed meets visibility’. Attackers today are now exploiting insiders’ greed to spread infections.

Key takeaways from Alberto’s keynote speech include:
– Gaining visibility: Legitimate tools, updates, new binaries and behaviors
– Complexity: Addressing the lack of expertise and staff, reducing workload, automating workflows
– Only by cutting through the noise via behavioral mining & automating hunting, can we see positive business outcomes

We’re glad for a successful event together and look forward to more ahead, as we stay ahead of the curve!