REAQTA WEBINAR:Securing Healthcare during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Securing Healthcare During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Cyber-attacks on healthcare are consistently on the rise during the COVID 19 pandemic. The healthcare Infosec teams are struggling to secure their infrastructure and keep the systems running to ensure hospitals function seamlessly. Register for this webinar to learn how the Healthcare Infosec teams can save time and resources while improving their security posture:

What you will learn:

· Protect with ReaQta’s AI-powered platform and avoid the cost, risk, and long-term impacts of a serious security incident.

· Continuously monitor all threats- malware and ransomware and resolve them in one click.

· Track and learn about behavioral strategies behind new attacks and automate processes to contain them at the endpoint level.

· Keep your system safe and secure in a cloud based or hybrid environment.

· Save resource time with easy to use platform that can be effectively managed by internal teams.