2020 Europe Technology Innovation Award

Frost and Sullivan Best Practises Research for Behavioral Cyber Threat Detection

Award-Winning Behavioral Cyber-Threat Detection

Analysts worldwide have been fast taking recognition in ReaQta’s industry-leading A.I powered Endpoint Security Platform. Based on its recent analysis of the European behavioral cyber-threat detection market, Frost & Sullivan, an eminent research and consulting firm, has recognized ReaQta with the 2020 Europe Technology Innovation Award for changing the landscape of threat intelligence and detection.

Strong Validation for ReaQta’s Technology

Frost & Sullivan selects the industry-leader for this award based on an independent review of two key factors:

  • Technology Attributes
  • Future Business Value

The company’s flagship product, ReaQta-Hive, alleviates the complexity of infrastructure analysis, eliminating the need for additional highly skilled personnel. Its innovative security approach applies artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate and simplify the complete process of detecting and handling new threats.

ReaQta has consistently striven towards simplifying cybersecurity and ensuring business continuity by empowering organisations to detect, respond and prevent cyber-threats in real-time. Frost & Sullivan recognizes how the ReaQta-Hive platform, with its NanoOS and AI capabilities, offers security teams a solution that identifies the most dormant attacks and prevents current and future system breaches.

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