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Security as a Growth Strategy

4 Reasons Why MSSPs are making the switch to ReaQta

World Class Technology

We are reinventing Endpoint Detection and Response. ReaQta-Hive is fully automated and autonomously detects and remediates against even the most advanced threats. Our innovative use of AI & ML in combination with proprietary tamper-proof NanoOS™ technology recently earned us the Gartner Cool Vendor status.

Best-In-Industry Support

Our customers come first. No more waiting in customer support queues and speaking to myriads of different people to get your questions answered. Get direct and unlimited access to friendly and dedicated expert support staff who are trained and empowered to solve your questions from start to finish.

Superior ROI

Manage and secure more endpoints when you partner with ReaQta. Increase team efficiency and boost team productivity with our condensed, high fidelity alerts that give MSSPs direct visibility over all endpoint and threat activity. Reduce costs with our intuitive UI – as no additional headcount or highly skilled staff is needed.


ReaQta believes that the customers of an MSSP belong to the  MSSP. Unlike other vendors, ReaQta does not supply or sell services, so we do not compete with our partner MSSPs over the 'ownership' of end customer relations. MSSPs get full data ownership – enabling you to serve your customers better.

Frost & Sullivan
EU Award

Recognized by Industry Leaders

Award Winning Technology To Benefit MSSPs & Their Customers

NanoOS™ Technology

  • Unmatched Visibility

    Gain in-depth visibility over your infrastructure, right down to each second. Proprietary NanoOS™ technology offers complete visibility at the hypervisor layer.

  • Tamper Proof

    Invisible to malware and attackers, ReaQta's NanoOS™ ensures attack resilience. Also delivers accurate, reliable data collection even in adversarial scenarios.

  • Super Lightweight

    Little to no performance impact. Our agents take up <1% of your endpoint's CPU

Autonomous Detection & Response

  • AI-Powered for highest fidelity alerts

    While other EDRs typically use ML based on pre-trained models, ReaQta’s initial learning model identifies the normal behavior of each endpoint – enabling greater accuracy in detections when there are deviations from the norm.

  • Machine Learning

    ReaQta equips teams with complete remediation guidance and click-through response automation, so that you can triage any security incident in minutes.

  • Threat Hunting

    Easily deploy ReaQta's detection strategies over your entire customer database, in one click.

The Industry's first AI-powered one-shot learning system

  • Cyber-Assisted To Ease Analyst Fatigue

    Automates manual alert handling to reduce alert volumes by more than 80% – boosting team efficiency and productivity.

  • Learns from your analysts

    ReaQta's Cyber Assistant automatically learns and applies the day-to-day decision-making process of analysts in your environment. Learnings are attached to the job function, making it churn-free.

  • Frees up precious time and money

    Returns time back to your analysts to focus on higher level analyses and other security tasks. Keeps training and retraining costs low, while retaining knowledge.


MSSP Partner Brief

Security as a Growth Strategy


ReaQta Hive

Endpoint Security Platform


All the Tools You Need, In One Place

Benefit from Continuous Monitoring, Incident Response and Post-Breach Analysis
– all within a single platform


Hive Guard

Anti-Malware Module

Hive Guard

A full anti-malware module that integrates foundational prevention capabilities into the ReaQta-Hive endpoint security platform. Easily swap out legacy AVs within ~10 minutes. Hive Guard seamlessly integrates into our dashboard to deliver complete protection against all known malware, adware and suspicious files.

Hive Core

Advanced Threat Detection

Asset Inventory

Automated identification and tagging of assets running ReaQta-Hive: type of device, operating system, installed software, and hardware details.

Detection & Response

Advance behavioral detection engines, used to reconstruct an attack’s storyline with automated impact assessment of the attacker’s activities.


Generation of automated management reports with executive level summary, security reports, and infrastructural details

Hive Shield


Protection Policies

Automated protection from dangerous activities, such as ransomware, kernel exploits, behavioural anomalies, etc.

Hive Insight

Advanced Threat Analysis

Threat Cloud

Metadata-based cloud analysis to expedite triaging and automatically identify potential threats.

Advanced Forensics

Granular information about an alert’s events, for in-depth forensic analysis and reconstruction of an attacker’s activities.

Artifact Analysis

Infrastructural detection and prevalence analysis of an alert’s artifacts, used to discover new binaries as soon as they’re activated.

MITRE Mapping & Hunting

Automated mapping of Threat Behaviours to MITRE tactics and techniques, used to categorise attacks by cyber-kill chain stage and run hunting campaigns.

Hive React

Threat Remediation

Cleanup Automation

Remediation of an affected system in a single workflow: kill process, remove files, remove dropped executables, delete persistences, and isolating endpoints.

Hive Hunt

Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

Comprehensive engine for real-time and historical search of infrastructural activities based on IOC, behaviours, or indicators and process properties

Hive Forensics

Incident Response Tools

Hive Forensics

A value-added feature within ReaQta-Hive that swiftly gathers necessary forensic information remotely, for an investigation within minutes. Built for speed in a post-breach scenario, it eliminates the need for on-site incident response.


DeStra & API Access

Detection Strategies (DeStra)

Advanced automation features, including the creation of custom detection, response, and remediation playbooks.

API Access

Direct API access to the ReaQta-Hive engines, useful for automating workflows and integrating with external platforms.




Managed Detection & Response with ReaQta

Augment your security team with 24/7 threat monitoring and response.

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  • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
    Windows Server: 2008R2+, 2012, 2016, 2019
  • Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, RedHat, Mint
  • Sierra+, Catalina, Big Sur
  • 4.2+


  • Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • On-Premises
  • Air-Gapped
  • Simple-To-Manage

    Our multi-tenanted architecture enables MSSPs to easily manage multiple customers via a single console. A powerful reporting feature enables the reporting of management and technical information in a fast, compliant way.

  • Easy-To-Operate

    Unlike industry solutions that require long and intensive training, analysts using ReaQta can be enabled in a day. Additionally, our flexible API enables fast, reliable bi-directional syncs.

  • Boost Growth

    MSSPs that partner with ReaQta can expand their offerings, and add additional threat intelligence services to their portfolios.

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