Published on September 01, 2021

ReaQta is proud to announce Cyber Assistant, the industry’s first AI-powered alert management system, a part of ReaQta-Hive 3.6.

  • ReaQta launches Cyber Assistant to autonomously handle alerts and drastically reduce the analyst’s workload by more than 80%  
  • Cyber Assistant utilizes breakthrough technologies in AI, which includes the industry’s first one-shot learning system
  • This new release further boosts ReaQta’s powerful Endpoint Security Stack by offering a new Multi Client Admin module and a Window Installed Products Overview.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Sept 1, 2021 – ReaQta today announced the release of a new version of its Autonomous Detection & Response Platform, ReaQta-Hive. This latest release, ReaQta-Hive 3.6, optimizes the platform’s intuitive design for analysts and Managed Security Service Providers alike by leveraging breakthrough AI innovations in an all-new autonomous alert management system: Cyber Assistant.

Using deep graph learning, ReaQta pioneers its latest automations to increase ROI, boost team efficiency and improve alert accuracy.

New features include:

ReaQta’s Cyber Assistant

Introducing Cyber Assistant, a new and active component of ReaQta-Hive built to autonomously handle alerts and alleviate alert fatigue by reducing false positives by more than 80%.  

The increased interconnectivity of endpoints, data and the rise of malicious activities from threat actors over the last few years have created a substantial increase in tasks that need to be handled by analysts.

Analysts have to go through a growing stream of alerts coming from various sources. This increases response times, generates alert fatigue and in the worst case scenario, causes employee churn. 

Cyber Assistant is the industry-first’s one-shot learning system that shows ReaQta’s technology leadership in endpoint protection and delivering on its promise to simplify Cybersecurity. By adopting one-shot learning, ReaQta’s Cyber Assistant is capable of learning an analyst’s decision instantly after seeing a given alert only once.

Cyber Assistant benefits customers by:

  • Automatically learning and applying the day-to-day decision-making process of analysts within your environment or across multiple environments for MSSP partners.
  • Freeing up precious time for analysts to focus on higher level analyses, threat hunting and other tasks.
  • Being churn-free, it alleviates brain drain as learnings are attached to the job function, not the analyst.
  • Keeping training/retraining costs low as knowledge is retained with Cyber Assistant.
  • Lowering service costs as Cyber Assistant doesn’t require regular external ‘tune-ups’ or ‘refreshments’ to optimize its operations.

Cyber Assistant is not sold as an upgrade or separate product, but is now available to all ReaQta-Hive customers.

“We are proud that ReaQta was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in the Endpoint Protection market for our use of AI & ML and NanoOS™ agent. Today, we are pleased to announce our third industry-first innovation with Cyber Assistant  which dramatically lowers the workload of analysts by more than 80% –putting defenders firmly back in control even amidst a reality of ever-growing data and attacks.” – Alberto Pelliccione, CEO of ReaQta.

Multi-Client Admin

ReaQta’s powerful new management layer enables MSSPs and customers to manage separated and multi-layered client environments as one, improving efficiency with cross-customer threat hunting and policy propagation.

Designed for even greater ease of use in cloud deployments, large-scale partners can now host multiple MSSPs within the same infrastructure, giving them the option of managing multiple customers at once without the burden of infrastructure maintenance.

Windows Installed Products

To help analysts make faster, better decisions when triaging threats, installed software on Windows machines is now available at the endpoint information level to give customers a comprehensive understanding of what software is installed on specific endpoints. 

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About ReaQta

ReaQta is Europe’s top-tiered AI Autonomous Detection & Response platform, built by an elite group of cyber security experts and AI/ML researchers with extensive backgrounds in government intelligence operations. Built with advanced automated threat-hunting features, ReaQta allows organizations to eliminate the most advanced threats in real-time. 

As experts in AI and behavioral analysis, ReaQta’s proprietary dual-AI engines provide organizations across all industries with autonomous, real-time and fully customizable endpoint security, minus the complexity. As a result of unprecedented levels of automation coupled with intuitive design, ReaQta’s customers and partners benefit from performance improvements and are now able to manage and secure more endpoints without the need for highly skilled staff. For more information, visit 

ReaQta was recently named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in Network and Endpoint Security. With the closing of its Series-A funding round, it is set to expand commercial operations rapidly, particularly in Europe and Asia.



Note to our customers: A representative will get in touch with you for the upgrade.

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