Published on November 17, 2020

ReaQta announces strategic partnership with MarkAny, Inc. to secure enterprises in the South Korean market through cutting-edge endpoint security platform, ReaQta-Hive

This partnership will strengthen the security posture of key industries in the South Korean market, including governmental, financial, healthcare institutions as well as high tech and local SMEs against the increasingly advanced threats of today’s cyber landscape.

Singapore, 17 November 2020 — ReaQta, an AI-powered endpoint security platform across Europe and Asia today announced a strategic partnership with MarkAny, Inc., a leading company in DRM security and anti-forgery headquartered in South Korea, to introduce ReaQta’s cutting edge endpoint security to the Korean market. 

With emerging threats being carried out by skilled cyber attackers who are adept at locating weaknesses, organizations must invest in robust AI/ML based cyber solutions or risk being subject to hefty losses caused by breaches.

As the local and strategic partner, MarkAny, Inc. will offer endpoint security solution ReaQta-Hive to provide organizations with unprecedented visibility into endpoints (like laptops, mobiles and workstations) so that threats can be rapidly contextualized, detected and remediated via a single, lightweight console.

Recently named as a 2020 Cool Vendor in Network and Endpoint Security by Gartner, ReaQta is differentiated by proprietary NanoOS™ technology that protects the endpoint from outside the operating system, making it invisible to malware and attackers, in the first of its kind industry-wide.

Unlike other Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solutions that use machine learning (ML) based on pre-trained behaviors, ReaQta leverages AI and ML on each unique endpoint, allowing for greater accuracy in threat alert and detections.

Dr. John Choi, CEO of MarkAny, said that MarkAny has ever grown with its DRM, digital watermarking technologies. He is pleased to enter a  strategic partnership with ReaQta to widen its business frontier and has no doubt the partnership will bring more benefits to the valuable customers in South Korea.

“Traditional security products are unable to fulfil the needs of cyber-risk aware customers, especially in today’s fast-evolving threat landscape”, said Alberto Pelliccione, CEO of ReaQta. “There’s a pressing need for an advanced EDR solution, such as ReaQta-Hive, that offers complete visibility, detection, protection with remediation capabilities and yet remains incredibly easy to operate. We are delighted to partner with MarkAny, and look forward to offering a new approach together to tackle today’s attackers.”

About MarkAny

MarkAny Inc. is an information security company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. MarkAny holds technologies including DRM (Digital Rights Management), anti-forgery of electronic documents, digital signatures, and digital watermarking. Based on the technologies, MarkAny offers information security products for data protection, document encryption, electronic certification, and copyright protection.

About ReaQta

ReaQta is Europe’s top-tiered AI Endpoint Security Platform, built by an elite group of cyber security experts and AI/ML researchers with extensive backgrounds in government intelligence operations. Focused on building the best user experience for endpoint security, ReaQta is the most elegant, powerful and easy-to-use platform that allows organizations  to eliminate advanced threats – in the fastest way possible. 

As experts in AI and behavioral analysis, ReaQta’s proprietary dual-AI engines provide organizations across all industries with complete and fully customised endpoint security, minus all the complexity. Security teams can now do more, with less. 

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