Published on March 25, 2021

ReaQta is proud to announce ReaQta-Hive 3.5 – The Leading Autonomous Detection & Response Platform

This new release further boosts capabilities by offering a fast, reliable bi-directional sync for applications and the ability to make smarter, data-backed decisions with powerful custom reporting.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 25, 2021 — ReaQta is proud to announce the release of a new version of its Autonomous Detection & Response Platform, ReaQta-Hive. The new release – ReaQta-Hive 3.5 – builds upon the success of its predecessor. New features include:

Our newly developed API allows third parties to interact directly with ReaQta-Hive’s powerful back-end. This gives security teams the opportunity, not only to automate detection and investigation, but also to enable third parties to control how endpoints respond to various scenarios as well as to directly acquire relevant information necessary to correlate endpoint data with other external sources.

Connect ReaQta-Hive 3.5 to your applications for a fast, reliable bi-directional sync:

·      Endpoint Control: Full automated control of your endpoints.

·      Alerts Management: Know what is going on in your environment at all times.

·      Policy Support: Manage and control policies automatically.

·      Group/Client Management: Automate the administration of your clients or customers’ clients.

·      META (API “Application” Management): Manage your integrated applications effortlessly. 

To make analysts’ lives easier we have redesigned reporting for both management and technical staff. High-level data is now conveniently mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, whereas granular data which includes all the technical details required is available to explain in detail how incidents happened, what caused them, and the analysis of the remediation.

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Make smarter, data-backed decisions with powerful custom reporting: 

·      Compliance Reporting: Build reports to better comply with your security standards.

·      Date Customization: Translate data into strategies with time-series comparisons.

·      Flexibility: Gain insights faster with improved visualizations, flexible widgets and easy exports to PDF.

A New Pre-configured Dashboard in ReaQta-Hive

ReaQta was recently named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in Network and Endpoint Security and is growing rapidly with a strong presence in Europe and Asia.

ReaQta-Hive stands out with two main differentiators.

The first is ReaQta’s proprietary ​NanoOS technology which provides deep visibility into the processes and applications running on endpoints. The ​NanoOS sits at the hypervisor layer and protects the endpoint from outside the operating system, making it invisible to malware and attackers. 

The second differentiator is ReaQta’s use of AI and ML in its AI-powered endpoint security platform, ReaQta-Hive. While other EDR and endpoint solutions use ML based on pretrained models and analysis, ReaQta’s initial learning model identifies the normal behavior of each endpoint, enabling greater accuracy in detections and alerts when there are deviations from the normal. 

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Unlike most other vendors that require analysts to monitor events and alerts in order to identify and augment results, ReaQta-Hive runs fully automated and autonomous. It therefore does not require the use of any managed service capability for detection. 

“Detecting a ‘threat’ is the easy part, but how can you turn this into something actionable? With ReaQta-Hive 3.5, we continue to deliver on our promise to simplify the user experience. With clear messages flagging potential problems, users can respond to threats and quickly resolve them,” said Riccardo Bortolameotti, Engineering Manager of ReaQta-Hive.

For additional insights into the new release or to see a product demo, please contact Elizabeth Lee ( For more information about ReaQta and ReaQta-Hive, please visit our website at

Note to our customers: A representative will get in touch with you for the upgrade.

About ReaQta: ReaQta is Europe’s top-tiered AI Endpoint Security Platform, built by an elite group of cybersecurity experts and AI/ML researchers with extensive backgrounds in government intelligence operations. Focused on building the best user experience for endpoint security, ReaQta is the most elegant, powerful and easy-to-use platform that allows organizations to eliminate the most advanced threats in the fastest way possible. As experts in AI and behavioral analysis, ReaQta’s proprietary dual-AI engines provide organizations across all industries with complete and fully customized endpoint security, minus all the complexity. Security teams can now do more, with less.