Alberto Pelliccione


Alberto has a long experience in cyberwarfare that he’s leveraging to create a first-class defensive solution capable of withstanding the most sophisticated attacks. He’s specialized in building great and effective teams whose priority is to innovate.

Kenneth J. Ratnam

VP of Sales and Marketing – APAC & Japan

With well over twenty years of technology sales experience through direct and indirect channels. He leads ReaQta’s revenue growth and building strategic relationships with our customers and partners. Prior to ReaQta, he was at British Telecoms, CenturyLink and Skybox Security.

Serge Woon

Technical Director APAC

Serge has over 15 years of experience in Cyber Security with his extensive technical knowledge in the areas of Enterprise Security Architecture and Risks Management. He helped consults with governments and enterprise organisations on their cyber security environment. At ReaQta he leads all technical expertise and continues to engage with our valued customers.

Marco Zonta

Marco Zonta

Business Development Europe

With over 15 years of experience and a deep knowledge of business dynamics, Marco develops new services and business opportunities in Europe, aimed at enabling our partners in both public and private sector to reach new niches and helping them develop effective go-to-market strategies.

Giuseppe Massaro


Giuseppe goes after the infections stages of new malwares: from the exploitation phase to the dropper. He’s an expert about exploit kits and also the researcher behind ReaQta-core’s realtime analysis engine.

Giuseppe Bonfà


Giuseppe is a well known malware expert and malware analyst. He has a profound knowledge about the inner details of the most sophisticated malwares and contributes heavily identifying new cyber threats and getting insides about their activities.


NanoOS Architect

Frantisek is the engineer behind ReaQta’s NanoOS. He is a leading expert in realtime virtualization technologies on different architectures and operating systems, a topic he’s been researching into since the day the first hardware support appeared.

Tomassino Ferrauto

Backend Engineer

Tomassino is PhD in Cognitive Sciences, Artificial Intelligence expert and a great backend engineer with passion for highly scalable systems and data analysis.

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