Senior DevOps Engineer

Full-time (40 hours)

Your Role and Responsibilities

We are looking for a passionate Senior DevOps Engineer with a knack for automation and practical problem solving. Our infrastructure ranges from bare metal to the cloud, and we need a candidate who can help it grow, while ensuring that every process along the way, from testing to deployment, runs as smoothly as possible.

We think that every repetitive task that could be automated, should be automated; but you’ll have the authority to decide which ones to automate. We are a dynamic, independent, and flatly organized team. As one of ReaQta’s Senior DevOps Engineers, your voice will be heard, and you will drive innovation in the company! At ReaQta, we guarantee you a good work-life balance, as well as the opportunity to work with a group of senior professionals that will help you in your personal and professional growth.

What you can expect from the role:

  • Work with Linux containers on Virtual Machines and Kubernetes
  • Work in a Hybrid Cloud environment to help manage our on-premises and AWS Deployments
  • Write Terraform and Ansible for Infrastructure as Code and Config Management
  • Automate deployments and repetitive tasks using Python and Gitlab CI/Jenkins pipelines
  • Utilize Prometheus, Grafana, and EFK to observe all production deployments


ReaQta started with a mission to 10x the performance of security teams defending against next-generation threats. ReaQta is changing the game for endpoint security with its award-winning technology and user experience. Recently, ReaQta has been acquired by IBM, and we are looking to scale our Engineering Team in Europe (HQ in Amsterdam) in order to bring our software at a much larger scale and protect millions of devices worldwide.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  •   Experience with AWS or other cloud providers (e.g. GCP, Azure, etc)
  •   5+ yrs of Linux systems administration, networking (OSI model, DNS, routing), virtualizations, and containerization (Docker)
  • 2+ yrs of using CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to code in Python (or other scripting languages such as GoLang or JavaScript)
  • Understanding and hands on experience with Nginx and/or Gloo/Traefik
  • Experience with observability tools (Prometheus, Grafana and EFK Or ELK)
  • Automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications on various implementations of Kubernetes using Rancher, ClusterAPI, Kops, or Terraform for creation and tools like Helm, Kustomize, and ArgoCD/Flux/Tekton
  • Experience with Terraform (or CloudFormation) and Ansible (or Puppet/Chef/Salt)
  • Knowledge of server virtualization management solutions such as Proxmox Or VMWare
  • Experience with database administration (ElasticSearch, Cassandra, PostgreSQL)

Preferred Technical and Professional Experience