Why ReaQta?

ReaQta’s powerful endpoint protection software is everything you need to track and eliminate threats, in real-time.




Stop all threats – known or unknown. Our anti-ransomware engine is server-friendly and optimised for high-load machines so that you do not experience slowdowns. ReaQta’s behavioural analysis model identifies the normal behaviour of each endpoint, enabling greater accuracy in detections and alerts when there are deviations from the normal.


Signature Based

Only stops known threats or hardcoded behaviours. Anti-ransomware engines may have strong impact on server’s performance.


5 minutes

Installation package is data-centre ready. No disruptions to business continuity for workstation, mobile devices and servers. Once ReaQta-Hive is installed, it is ready to go.

Multiple days

Requires endpoint downtime which leads to business interruptions.

Single sensor

Our intelligent and lightweight agent is like no other. Takes up less than 1% of CPU and works on all architectures. Works also without Internet connection, ideal for critical infrastructures and sensitive networks. Supports Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android platforms.


Multiple sensors

Sensors may slow down endpoint performance due to its footprint. Cloud connection or internet always required.


Tailored to your organisation

With DESTRA™, customize your detection and protection policies according to your organisation’s needs. Allows you to do real- time customization of the platform.

Prebuilt & cannot be customised

All workflows are hardcoded and customization is limited to post-processed data.

Unparalleled visibility over attacks

With ReaQta-Hive’s NanoOS, an industry-first, get enhanced detection on proprietary behaviours such as key-logging and kernel exploits. Whether it is a file-less attack or a zero-day threat, nothing escapes the eye of ReaQta-Hive.


No other EDR solution offers detection at this level.


Unified workflow

Unified, one-page workflow to analyze, assess and remediate all incidents within a single page. Get correlated and contextualized insights of attacks, all in real- time.

Multi-page workflow

Multiple pages of analysis, making it difficult to remediate and get a clear picture of the attack sequence.

Real-time advanced threat intelligence

ReaQta-Hive leverages high-level data- mining tasks that uncovers dormant threats, including hard to track threats like in- memory and file-less attacks. Always stay one step ahead of attackers.



Other vendors rely on weaker technology (such as file-hash reputation) that may not stop advanced threats.

Trusted Across Industries

ReaQta has helped organisation across key industries such as government, manufacturing and finance, to consistently stay ahead of attackers and secure business continuity.

More success stories

The technology and capability of ReaQta is best-in-class (highly recommend that you take a look if you’re looking for an EDR solution). The onboarding process was pain free and the team have been fantastic to work with.

COO / Finance Industry

It has been accurate and has correctly flagged out possible intrusions and threats that otherwise would not have been discovered. They have a very responsive and responsible team too! An absolute pleasure to work with.

COO / Service Industry

Excellent performance for endpoint security protection, and high performance. Less need for engineers and analysts.

General Manager / Communications Industry
Frost & Sullivan
EU Award

Recognized by Industry Leaders